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Dear Parrots magazine,

Ideal housing

One of the first columns I go to is Eb Cravens 'Complete Psittacine', as I love his whole approach to keeping parrots. I have heard him speak at conventions and the way he promotes natural ways for his birds is brilliant.

I think so many parrot owners have little idea of how to care for, what is a 'wild' bird, when it is in captivity. Our parrots need so much understanding to ensure they are kept amused and happy and I sometimes despair when seeing a forlorn looking parrot that is 'imprisoned' in a small cage and is just for the pleasure of its human owners.

I have seven parrots and every one lives a life of total pleasure and enjoyment. I have three in one large flight and another large flight with the other four. These flights are in my home, as I have ample room, and are full of interesting things like an assortment of foraging toys and fresh branches. It is fortunate that I am no longer working, so can spend a lot of time with them, and they give me so much pleasure. My worry now, is that if anything happens to me, and we don't know what is around the corner, who would look after my birds. I know this is an anxiety that many parrot owners have. Whatever our personal circumstances are, I just hope that people who have birds in their care, provide the best possible environment and care for them - I hope I do.

Rosemary Arnott, San Francisco




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