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Dear Parrots magazine,


I have read in the avian press about parrot harnesses and whether or not they should be used. With much hot weather during this summer, I really wanted to take my Amazon outside and on walks with me so have taken an interest in harnesses, as I am totally opposed to wing clipping! But I thought they are not the ideal thing to use on a feathered creature, so have been somewhat reluctant to buy one.

Well, eventually, I did take the plunge and bought a harness from a local pet shop, although I had quite a job to find one. To start with, my Olly didn't like it at all, but to my surprise, and after a few 'fittings', he accepted it. We now go out in my garden and have wonderful times, when it is quite funny to watch him look up every time a plane flies over - we are not far from Stanstead airport – probably thinks they are predators!

But sadly, a very good friend of mine, who has a Blue-headed Pionus, just cannot get her bird to accept the harness, so he has to stay in my house when she visits. We do a lot of things together and it is sad that the two birds cannot enjoy my garden together. However, she is persisting with the harness and we think she is winning the battle. Her bird is not so resistant as he was at first and hopefully, it won't be long before we can all enjoy our outings together - love the mag!

Mavis Khan, by email




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