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Dear Parrots magazine,

Avian probiotics

I enjoyed reading Leslie Moran’s ‘Holistic Parrot’ article in last month’s Parrots (July 150) as we have used avian probiotics for more than 15 years in our aviaries. However, one statement near the end disturbed me, and I quote, “Avi-Culture is the only non GMO avian specific probiotic on the market.”

As we have always used China Prairie Company’s Enhance product, designed by noted aviculturist and natural sprouts product developer, Fred Bauer of Humboldt, California, I decided to contact China Prairie and inquire about the purity of their product. It is an avian probiotic in a base of prehistoric montmorillonite clay.

They contacted their manufacturer and received a reply from Dr. Mark A. Young, President/Owner, Star Labs/Forage Research Inc. USA, stating that the laboratories, “Do not and never have genetically modified any of the micro-organisms in our DFM/Probiotic Products. Furthermore, the organisms are free of any mutations or mutagenic compounds. These organisms remain in the same genetic form as when they were when we started culturing them over four decades ago. Regarding our other ingredients, all of our carriers and micro-ingredients are non GMO.”

Eb Cravens, Hawaii




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