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Dear Parrots magazine,

More information please?

First I wanted to say that I love the magazine and keep up the good work. However, I am writing to comment on the article about the Caribbean Amazon Parrots.  I must say that I was very disappointed.  When I opened the issue I was excited to read an in depth article.  What I read was an article that lacked depth and was written by a visitor who did not bother to do any real research.

I can speak more of the Jamaican Amazons as I visit the island 2-3 times a year and know researchers/scientist on the island that are studying the parrots.  One only has to Google the Jamaican Yellow-billed Amazon Parrots and one researcher stands out.  No comment from the writer that the cockpit country and sections of the Blue Mountains have been reserved.  No mention by the writer that the parrots are protected and that it is illegal to take from the wild.  Yes people still catch them.  No mention from the writer that in the cockpit country the Black-billed parrots are still very common.  Who is this George and what made him an expert?

The article appeared to me that she visited the island and picked someone out of the crowd to interview. This article lacked the depth I have come to love from Parrots Magazine articles.

Winston White, New York (USA)




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