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Dear Parrots magazine,

Colour Change

Referring to the article ‘Colour-Sensitive’ in the February 2010 edition of the magazine. I could not believe it when I opened my copy and read this.  Only a couple of days earlier, as it was one of the many cold mornings this winter, I need some extra layers!  Going through my wardrobe I found a nice warm, thick hand-made Aran sweater, which my friend had made for me some time ago, but I had not worn.  I put it on, lovely, just the job for a snowy day.

Came downstairs, and George my Yellow-crowned Amazon went mad!  He normally greets me in the morning for a tickle and says ‘hello’ and awaits his breakfast - but not today!  His wings were outstretched, he was very disgruntled and flew at me every time I walked past. He was so annoyed.

So I went upstairs changed into one of my normal jumpers, which can be any colour from, red to blue, grey, black and white.  What a difference when I came back down, he was the normal happy George we know!

Hope this may be of interest. 

Heather Lane (by email)




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