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Dear Parrots magazine,

Breeding cockatiels

In the March issue I read an article by Jim Hayward who gave some very useful tips on breeding cockatiels. When living with my parents, we had a pet cockatiel that was the centre point of the family and which seems to have made a mark on me. Since getting married and leaving home, I would always think what a super little bird he was and that has ignited an interest to breed them.

I have always had a keen interest in all parrots, but did not want to jump in too deep to start with. I was offered six cockatiels from a friend of a friend who was emigrating. He said two pairs of the birds have produced babies and could see no reason why they wouldn’t continue to do so. They had been outside in an aviary, which we dismantled and erected in my garden. This was last October and am hoping that I might see some activity during the better weather here in the UK.

Norman Hunter, by email




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