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Dear Parrots magazine,

Those old boxes

I read some time ago about using old boxes for parrot to tear up, and so am now saving all my empty cereal boxes and other similar ones. Suppose I am lucky in having a large cage for my Orange-wing and can get lots of boxes in it without encroaching on his space.

The results have been quite amazing. He must use just about all of his time chewing these boxes to bits and he seems very happy in doing so. My neighbour even brings around her husband’s old beer can boxes and he just loves them. However, there is a downside as he keeps me busy cleaning him out every day and my wheelie bin soon gets full up. But it keeps him amused for hours and that is the most important thing. He has the freedom of our lounge as his cage is always open, but most of the time, he seems to enjoy his boxes most of all.

Jean Hollingsworth, Devon




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