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Dear Parrots magazine,

Loss of native habitat to fires

I was sad to read (Issue 274, November) about the horrible fire damage to the São Francisco do Perigara cattle ranch and bird sanctuary. It’s even more depressing that the loss of native habitat to uncontrolled fires has been so widespread in that region.

The news-piece mentions that most of the blue macaws may have moved to seek sanctuary in areas less affected by the fires. I am assuming that blue macaws refers to Hyacinth Macaws, given that the Pantanal is the stronghold for that species. I was intrigued to see the mention of Lear’s Macaws in that same bird sanctuary which, if confirmed, will be an amazing discovery, given that current knowledge puts the nearest Lear’s Macaws about 2,000 km away in north Bahía. I urge any reader to check before booking a Pantanal tour in the hope of seeing Lear’s Macaws.

David Waugh, by email




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