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Dear Parrots magazine,


For years I gave my birds 1 drop of GSE in their water bowls. I have a Ringneck who puts lots of food in his water. If I had been around all day it would have changed every few hours. Now after reading Leslie’s articles about GSE after washing the bowls I put in 1 drop with a little water, swish it around, pour it out and fill the bowls with water.

When I first started using GSE when NutriBiotic’s focus was on household use and disinfecting. They had a large list with the amount of GSE to use for various jobs including purifying water. You could buy large containers of it. It was years before they focused on taking it internally, which I do when I think I’m getting sick. I would love to know what Leslie thinks regarding this.

Margie, by email

Leslie Moran’s reply is on page 22 of the November 2020 issue of Parrots magazine




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