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Letters: Dodgy parts

Dear Parrots magazine,

I always try to do the best for my Ducorps Cockatoo, Benny, and give him plenty of toys, but recently, we had a problem. I think I made the mistake of buying from the Internet as prices were very good, although from a supplier I had never heard of before. One of the toys consisted of a number of plastic rings of different sizes, which I thought would keep him occupied for some time.

Well, it wasn’t long after I attached them into his cage that one of them just fell apart, and one of the rings had got caught in his beak. I thought this ring could just be pulled out, but it had really got stuck. Panic set in as to how I was going to remove it. I needed help, but my husband wouldn’t be home for at least half an hour, so I had to wait and keep Benny calm. Once he got home, we managed to get a towel around him and with a lot of patience, did eventually manage to get this ring out. I was lucky as I had a competent person to help me, but for someone living alone, this could be a traumatic situation. I would will never buy from an unknown website again.

Tania Wilkinson, by email





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