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Dear Parrots magazine,

A miracle recovery

Following my letter in the May issue about Topsy’s tumour, I feel it is important to inform readers of his recovery and fantastic improvement. After being told that he has a malignant tumour, a bloody sore on his bottom, no tail feathers or hardly any feathers at all, he has made a miracle recovery.

He was sitting on the floor of his cage with his head down after the vet’s visit. I had to give him antibiotics plus anti-inflammatory/pain medication twice a day through a syringe. He had sterilised Manuka honey on his sore and as antibiotics kills all good bacteria in the body, I took him off them after the two weeks. I continued the other medicine and kept up the Manuka honey for several weeks until the sore was completely healed. After a while, Topsy didn’t want to be picked up anymore, so I continued the anti-inflammatory medication with just one drop in a slice of orange, which I still do. Now is the time to leave the medicine completely and watch him carefully.

Apart from medication, he has a very clean cage, lots of wood to chew and good natural perches. He has porridge with me in the morning, made from organic oats, Omega mix, goji berries and dry cranberries cooked in goat’s milk, all organic. I also put some Manuka honey in the porridge. For lunch he has organic veggies and some fruit and either boiled cooked egg or scrambled. I try to change his lunch every day. He only has some parrot premium seeds, in the evening with a walnut and a cashew nut. In his seeds I give him a pinch of Guardian Angel every other day plus some Calcivet in his water twice a week.

He has now grown back a lot of feathers and they are still coming, and I spray him with warm water every morning. Part of his recovery is also fresh air and sunshine. He was sitting in my kitchen window every day basking in the sun, and my French door has been open for him so he could feel the air and sun in his cage. Apart from that he is out with me most of the day and all evening.

From what I have read, tumours can be caused by carcinogens in food and preservatives, so I am now very careful. I always look forward to Leslie Moran’s articles that are excellent.

Unni Schau, by email




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