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Dear Parrots magazine,

Clean cages

I have read many articles and information about maintaining clean cages and how important it is to prevent infection and the spread of disease. What I find concerning is the way some cages are manufactured and how they include entrapment areas that can harbour debris and therefore possible disease.

I recently saw a cage for sale that was quite expensive and appeared well made. But on a more detailed inspection, I noticed some areas where wire sections were passed through holes into hollow section square tube. This produced a gap, although minute, between the wire and the hole. I would be concerned that food residue and liquids could get thorough these gaps, but unable to be removed or cleaned, as trapped blind in the hollow tube. Considering the price of this cage, I would be concerned if my birds were in it. Whilst some cages are well engineered, manufacturers should be more aware of debris entrapment and possible health hazards.

Robert Willis, by email




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