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People helping Parrots

I have really enjoyed Rosemary Low’s series “People Helping Parrots”. Sarah Otterstrom’s project to protect the Yellow-naped Amazon is fascinating. The species faces a serious scenario to survive, due to the high level of deforestation and poaching. Nicaragua is a poor country with a really big unemployed population, which boosts the pressure on the environmental resources, especially wildlife, as a way to get a source of income. It’s a great challenge to deal with all the threats against the species and the remaining forests.

And how enchanting are the stories of Nathalie Lycke and Silvana Davino, two passionate women working for parrots! For sure their histories will inspire more people to join their amazing works! They all deserve congratulations for their efforts to protect parrots!

I think the fact that most of the subjects in this series are female expresses and highlights a specific character very peculiar to women, which is related to maternity instinct – women are more dedicated and passionate in caring for animals, especially young animals, as they project their feelings as if the animal was a son or daughter.

Kilma Manso, Brazil, by email




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