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Dear Parrots magazine,

A better life

It was just four months ago when I was given a Jardine’s parrot that had been the pet of an elderly woman. Friends of mine new I had had parrots in the past and also knew of this lady. She was elderly and has now gone into care, so what would have to be done about her Jardine? I lost my Orange-wing six month’s ago and was at a crossroads about whether I should get another one. But this lady’s Jardine solved my conundrum, as I could not let this bird be given away to an unknown future, or be sold on.

When I collected it, I was horrified. It turned out that it has been kept in a small cage for years with no stimulation, a boring seed diet and what I can only imagine, a very depressing life. So my objective was to give this poor bird a completely different future.

No-one knows what this lady had named this Jardine, but it just struck me as a hen, so I named ‘her’, Millie, and I was determined to change her life from what appeared to be one of boredom and probably misery. Parrots are incredibly intelligent, so need stimulation and this, I thought, was my mission.

Well, over the last four months, I cannot believe how this bird has gone from one of apparent introversion when I first had her, to a bird that is now enjoying life outside her cage with foraging toys and a good nutritious diet that she clearly loves. But it did take time to get her to this stage, and the progress so far is so rewarding.

I can only say to anyone who is considering owning a parrot, give serious consideration to a rescue, as you will get lots of unconditional interaction, and pure enjoyment. Millie has irrevocably changed my life.

Sheila Townsend, by email




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