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Dear Parrots magazine,

Hidden dangers

I read with great interest the letter from Olivia in the March issue, with regard to hazards around the house following an article by Megan Matthews previously.

I have seen the introduction of the ‘toy era’ over the years, which we all embrace, as toys have become an important part of a parrot’s life in captivity. I have given my parrots many toys, which has entertained them for hours, but with some, come serious warnings, as was in Olivia’s case.

My Grey has, apart from other toys, one with a little bell on it and has been in his cage for over a year now. But coming down one morning, I found that the little ringer inside the bell had broken away and was caught in my Grey’s beak. What I didn’t know was how long he had been like that and he was clearly distressed – I was mortified. But luckily for me, and with the help of my husband, we managed to wrap him in a towel and remove this little metal piece.

It just goes to show how easily these accidents can happen and could in some cases, of course, end up with tragic results.

Betty Lawson, by email




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