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Dear Parrots magazine,

Help me make sense of it

I have just recently lost my lovely Standard poodle Millie. She was obviously a huge part of our family. Four weeks later I lost my absolutely wonderful mam which was a devastating blow as she went into hospital and was expected to come home the following day.

I had a Blue-fronted parrot called Alfie. He loved mam and whenever she came in he left me for her company. She came at least once every day. Within a week of losing mam, Alfie started to be fluffed up. He never talked after two or three days after mam died. I took him to an avian vet twice but to no avail, and he too passed away in my arms. I think he died because of our grieving or because mam didn’t call anymore. Has anyone had any experience of this just so that I can make sense of it. I am sorry to sound so downbeat and thanks for taking the time to read this.

With thanks Lesley, by email




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