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Dear Parrots magazine,

Conure nut

I have to confess to being crazy about Conures and was intrigued when I read Pat Tucker’s article in the September 2016 issue of Parrots, her clear enthusiasm too! I have two Sun Conures that live together, I don’t know what sexes they are, but they get on fine together and there has never been any sign of breeding.

Yes, Sun Conures have a reputation of being extremely noisy, but mine aren’t too bad. As Pat Tucker mentions, they can be noisy first and last thing in the day and one of mine can get a bit vocal in the morning only, but by and large, I wouldn’t consider them to be noisy birds.

I have noticed over the years that Conures, particularly Green-cheeked and Maroon-bellieds seem to be gaining popularity as a companion, well, I am a fan so will only talk them up.

Isobel Martin, USA, by email



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