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Dear Parrots magazine,

Natural Nutrition

Having another great day out at Think Parrots 2016, I was further enriched myself when listening to Rosemary Low in her talk, and especially about some of the natural foods that are around us all the time that we can feed to our parrots. I remember also reading Eb Cravens’ column and Jim Hayward’s article about the natural foods around us and how this free supply of nutrition can benefit our birds.

It is so easy to buy bags of food and just fill up a food dish in a cage, which of course is fine and many of our birds I am sure would be quite healthy on a good enriched diet. But to go out and collect nature’s free nutrition from hedgerows, etc, adds that something special somehow and it is something I personally enjoy very much as I hope my birds do also.

I say to all your readers either go out and harvest what nature has supplied for free or if you live in a more urban environment, grow lots of these plants and food in pots and containers in your gardens and on balconies, it takes just a little effort, provides something special for the birds and added interest for yourselves.

Jennifer Alsop, by email



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