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Dear Parrots magazine,

Questionable legislation

Over the years I have read a lot about cage sizes and that our environmental authorities lay down minimum specifications that a bird kept in a cage must be able to outstretch its wings.

I find this very confusing as I have contacted the various authorities, but have never really got a definitive answer.

I think this legislation can be interpreted in different ways, but is not very accurate.  For example, we can put a parrot in a cage in which it can outstretch both of its wings at the same time, which according to the legislation would be legal.  But what if we then fill the cage with lots of toys, perches and other items, that now prevents it from outstretching its wings, does that make it illegal?  And of course another aspect is that if the bird is out and able to free-fly in a home and only spends a very little time in its cage, how does that affect the legislation?  I would be interested to know of other readers’ comments and whether this legislation is, in fact, effective.

Tony Abstock, by email



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