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Dear Parrots magazine,

More conservation please!

I have been a subscriber to Parrots magazine for a number of years now, and my keen interest is in conservation.  I have an Amazon and a Senegal Parrot which were both rescues and am growing increasingly concerned at the way these birds’ natural habitats are being destroyed due to human greed.  It is good that the magazine covers conservation and it is not just for parrots, but the whole of our wildlife and eco system.

Nature is far bigger than any of us and has a great balance if left alone, but if we continue to destroy natural habitats, we humans will in time pay the price.  I am really pleased to read articles published in Parrots magazine on conservation and perhaps I am being a bit selfish here, but I would like to see a lot more, although I appreciate this may not be to many of your readers’ interests.

Deborah Jenkins, by email



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