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Parrots Free Ads Rules and Guidelines for Safe Advertising You are welcome to post your free ads in our Free Ad section,
this is for Parrots and related items only. No commercial posts please! If you wish to advertise your business on our
website please look at our advertisers page for more information. Remember to add a contact email or
telephone number, and the general area in which you live so that interested parties can contact you.

Cautionary Note!! Please be aware if you include your full address and home phone number you may
attract the attention of spammers or unwanted visitors.

  • Do not link to any site that contains adult content, sexually oriented material, or that might
    otherwise be considered offensive. Any advert containing an inappropriate link will be deleted
    and the advertiser will receive a warning.

  • Do not propose/link to any site that contains warez/copyrighted software/materials that can
    be downloaded illegally.

Thank you.


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