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Parrots magazine, Issue 80

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Breeding the Meyer’s, Mitred Conures, Living with a Ring-neck, Parrot Recipe

Issue 80 - September 2004

Parrots in Focus by Cyril Laubscher -€“ Double Yellow-headed Amazons -€“ this colourful group has been upgraded by CITES. The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens - focus on catching and transporting parrots -€“ A dear friend of mine told me how adept he was at grabbing parrots out of the air to catch and transport them to the veterinarian'€™s office. That is how the two Amazon Parrots I had stopped by his house to pick up were captured and boxed. While visiting I also assisted in trying to corner and catch by hand a young Sun Conure hen that had escaped her cage. Needless to say, none of these psittacines is now very fond of human beings or their hands! Breeding the Meyers -€“ Marcus Kreft describes how, through luck more than judgement, he ended up with a compatible pair of Meyer's Parrots - and how the inexperienced male eventually figured out how to mate! Mitred Conures the red-heads with personality -€“ €˜Red fronted€™ conures could be any one of the five in the Aratinga sub-group that is distinguished by their scarlet head feathering. Rosemary Low guides us through the differences. Living with a Ring-necked Parakeet -€“ known more as an aviary bird, adaptable parrot-like has a gentle demeanour and a charming personality -€“ perfect qualities for a pet, according to Amanda Gregory. Parrot Recipe: Cinnamon and honey mash by Sonny Stollenmaier. What'€™s in a name?€“ Can't tell your poicephalus from your pionus? Gail Harland de-mystifies the language of the scientific or Latin names used to describe parrot species. Imping: a '€˜refeathering' procedure. Imping is when moulted primary feathers are artificially attached to the stump of a broken or clipped primary feather. Sonny Stollenmaier tells us about the procedure. Spix's Macaw hatches - Matthias Reinschmidt tells us about the latest success for the breeding facility at the Loro Parque Fundacion. Parrots in Canada: the Lynne Hindmarsh aviary -€“ Brian Eddy shows us around an enormous Canadian breeding aviary, and introduces us to some of the 100 parrots that live there. A Second Chance at Freedom -€“ Rescue, rehabilitation and release for wild cockatoos and parrots in Indonesia -€“ written by Stewart Metz, with Leonardo Sahubarua and Ceisa Riupassa -€“ the chain of trapping, transport, sale and smuggling of wild birds in Indonesia has been previously documented, but what happens to these birds once they have been confiscated?

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