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Parrots magazine, Issue 79

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Breeding Budgies, Understanding and Training Greys, Living with an Iris Lorikeet

Issue 79 - August 2004

Parrots in Focus by Cyril Laubscher -€“ Mountain Parakeets, a highly desirable feathered gem from the high Peruvian Andes. Mountain Parakeets are sexually dimorphic as can be seen here, where the male of the nominate race Bolborhynchus a.aurifrons displays a more yellow face, breast and flanks. The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens -€“ Creating a baby bird fledging aviary. 7 years ago life at my hobby breeding facility changed noticeably for the better. That was the summer I realised a long-awaited plan to build a new walk-in aviary specifically for the delight and training of my handfed nursery chicks one they reached the fledgling stage. Understanding and training a Grey by Sonny Stollenmaier. Many parrot species, such as Caiques and macaws, are naturally confident by nature whilst others, such as the African Grey, are the opposite. This article looks at the art of gentle discipline and building a Grey'€™s confidence and trust in humans, to make sure your baby bird doesn’t turn into a troubled adult. Breeding Budgies - Globally the best known of all parrots, Budgerigars are also very easy to breed. Having done so for over 25 years, Karl Duckworth shares with us his wealth of experience in breeding this small parakeet. Living with an Iris Lorikeet -€“ The Iris Lorikeet is little-known in aviculture worldwide, but for Rosemary Low, it is a great pleasure to live so closely with one. She shares her experiences of this budgie-sized bird with us. Colourful Invasion -€“ As if Spain isn'€™t vibrant enough it's now been hit by new waves of bright and confident invaders, as“ Graham Langley discovers. Why do parrots pluck their own feathers?€“ In the second part of his article, Barry Fass-Holmes gives an alternative explanation for why captive parrots pluck. Hyacinth heaven -€“ parrot watching in Brazil. In a recent visit to Brazil Tony Pittman viewed Hyacinthine Macaws in their native habitat, saw conservation measures being taken to help their survival, and visited a facility for breeding Lear's and Spix'€™s Macaws.

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