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Parrots magazine, Issue 82

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Breeding Palms in Bahrain, Living with a Maxi, Lories in Singapore, Sick as a Parrot

Issue 82 - November 2004

The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens -€“ Zinc dangers in the aviary. Over the past several years I have been noticing subtle changes in the quality of galvanised wire caging materials available here in Hawaii. Back in the 1980€™s and 90€™s I always built aviaries and flights from rolls of wire purchased from island hardware or farm supply stores. My preferable sizes were four and six foot widths of 14 gauge wire with ½ by ½ inch and 1 by 1 inch openings. Breeding Palm Cockatoos in Bahrain -€“ Palm Cockatoo chicks are notoriously difficult to rear, with a high death rate for both hand and parent reared chicks. Kate Gammond describes the challenge of successfully rearing these striking birds. Living with a Maxi -€“ The interesting and entertaining Maximilian'€™s Pionus thrives on attention, but has its fair share of temperamental tendencies. Amanda Gregory tells us more about this equivalent of a toddler that never grows up. A haven for lories in Singapore -€“ The Jurong Birdpark in Singapore has been open to visitors for 35 years and is home to 600 bird species. Rosemary Low visited its latest attraction, the world'€™s largest lorry exhibit. As sick as a parrot -€“ Sara Cowen offers some guidelines for trying to avoid illness in your bird and to enable you to cope with caring and aiding a sick parrot back to health. Parrots in Focus by Cyril Laubscher -€“ Celestial Parrotlets - A diminutive gem from Pacific coastal areas. Parrots for dollars - rare is desirable, Why is it that some owners tend to rate birds according to their monetary value? EB Cravens makes the case for a parrot'€™s true worth. Rose-faced parrots in Ecuador by Laura Smith -€“ The Los Cedros nature reserve is home to over 300 types of bird, including two endangered parrot species. However, the threat from logging and mining companies could put the parrots in further peril -€“ and has angered local communities. Pushing back the frontiers of knowledge -€“ A UK college has set up a research project to observe the natural behaviour of African Greys. Ron Toft went to meet Dr Sue Baddeley and others to find out more. The Spectacular Sulphur -€“ Although commonplace in the wild in its native Australia, the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo has been subject to an export ban since the 1960s. Robert Alison investigates this showy species.

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