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Parrots magazine, Issue 117

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A Life Devoted To Parrots - An Interview With Rosemary Low, Living With A Lilac-Crowned Amazon

Issue 117 - October 2007

The Complete Psittacine – A Look at the Loneliness Factor in Baby Handfed Parrots Something to think about from EB Cravens. Living with a Lilac-crowned Amazon – Lisa Kenny tells of the fun she and her husband are having with Eco – and the joy he’s bringing them. A honeymoon with a Difference – Hazel Stephenson got inspiration from Parrots Magazine when she was planning her honeymoon. Rosemary Low – a life devoted to parrots – In her occasional series on parrot people who make a difference, Dot Schwarz interviews world renowned authority on parrots, Rosemary Low. The Turquoise Parrot (Neophema pulchella) – Once on the verge of extinction, this beautiful little parrot has made a remarkable comeback, says John Cooper. Parrots in Focus – Nanday Conures – Cyril Laubscher looks at a Conure with a difference. Rare mutation bred in Australia – Shane Hancock of the Parrot Society of Australia sends us news of a most unusual macaw chick. Raising Unwanted Parrots – For some parrot owners , the situation with regard to neglected and unwanted parrots has become a passionate crusade, to advertise the problem and lambaste the responsible villains, says Steve Hartman. For most of the pet bird business, neglected and unwanted parrots is a topic that, for the most part is ignored. Miami Parrots – North America has become home to an extraordinary assortment of feral psittacids, says Bob Alison. My Experiences with the Lineolated Parakeet – Because of their many positive attributes, these parakeets make excellent pets in a variety of situations says Jason Crean.

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