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Parrots magazine, Issue 118

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The Blue-Fronted Amazon, A Tribute To Alex, Living With An Amboina King Parrot

Issue 118 - November 2007

The Complete Psittacine – Do you play favourites with your flock? Asks EB Craven – Some owners prefer baby parrots; so they keep on acquiring more hand fed birds. Living with an Amboina King Parrot – a tribute to Ohia by EB Cravens. A remarkable parrot and his companion – On a recent trip to the UK, noted American scientist, Dr Joanna Burger , agreed to talk to Dot Schwarz about Tiko, the Red-lored Amazon who was the subject of The Parrot Who owns Me – The Story of a Relationship first published in 2001, this book (funny, touching and informative)quickly established a reputation as one of the most original ever written about parrots and bird in general. Is Two Company? Owning one parrot can sometimes lead to two, but are they really going to be company for one another, asks Jane Grimshaw. The Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva) is one of the most popular parrots in aviculture, says Bob Alison, owing to a combination of compelling qualities. But its enormous desirability has generated potent conservation challenges, stemming primarily from rampant live-trapping for the domestic and international pet trade. Meet the Kaka – The Kea’s Lesser-known Cousin – On a recent trip to New Zealand, Jessie Zgurski was thrilled not only to have seen some Keas in the wild, but also groups of its handsome. But less well-known cousin, the Kaka. Bird fancier’s lung – There is a medical condition associated with keeping birds that is seldom discussed by parrot keepers - yet it is extremely well known to pigeon fanciers, says Rosemary Low. It is called bird fancier’s lung, known to the medical profession as hypersensitivity pneumonitis. The Adorable Blue-crowned Conure – The Blue crowned Conure became very popular after the huge success of the movie, Paulie, a few years ago – in which a tame and talking Blue-crowned Conure played the leading role, says Pauline James. Urinogenital Problems in Parrots – Both in pet and aviary psittacines, urinogenital tract diseases are common and often difficult to detect amd treat. Says Neil Forbes. Hopefully by understanding a bit more about the problems, the reader will be better placed to recognize the early signs and seek assistance where necessary. This group of diseases includes kidney, gonad (testicle or oviduct) and cloacal conditions.

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