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Parrots magazine, Issue 116

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The Soho Parrot, Living With A Mealy Amazon, Parrot Behaviour And Training

Issue 116 - September 2007

The Complete Psittacine – When is Speaking Out About Flaws in Aviculture Necessary? – a sad little story from EB Cravens, but we can all do something to help. Living with a Mealy Amazon – the best decision I have ever made says Pam Wilkinson. The Soho Parrot – Dot Schwarz meets Gracie, an unusual African Grey, who loves an outing. Parrots get special pampering – a special ‘Parrot Pampering Day’ was recently held at Paradise Park in Hayle, Cornwall, home to the World Parrot Trust. It was designed to celebrate the success of one of the WPT’s longest running aims - to put a halt to the import of parrots caught in the wild, then imported into Europe to live as pets. The Parrots of Tobago – Pat Drew goes in search of the parrots which inhabit this beautiful Caribbean Island. ‘Parrots of the World’ Prints At the turn of the century, Australian artist Gordon Hanley commenced work on a series of paintings, travelling to many parts the world to create over 120 works of some of the rarest and most beautiful parrots, depicted in their habitats. Unwanted Parrots: What can we do? Asks Rosemary Low – There are probably more Grey Parrots in rescue centres (600 in one centre in the Netherlands) than any other species. Parrots in Focus- Goldie’s Lorikeet.. is a well established and popular species from Papua New Guinea! By Cyril Laubscher. Thick-billed Parrots – The Thick-billed Parrot (Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha) one of only two psittacids indigenous to the United States, is the subject of vigorous remedial conservation strategies aimed at addressing its insecure status says Bob Alison. African Greys – Feather-plucking could be all down to diet – If your African Grey is slow to try new foods – and is probably suffering from a nutrient deficiency – here are some ideas from Pauline James to help boost your parrot’s diet. I want ‘to make babies’ with my keeper – why does this happen and how to deal with it – Guidance from Neil Forbes on achieving, and maintaining, dominance over your parrot.

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