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May 01, 2011
Published in General

Rolf C Hagen (UK) Ltd

A worldwide manufacturer of pet supplies for fish, birds, cats, dogs and small animals. tel: 01977 556622
May 01, 2011
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R & E Bamford Ltd

Bamfords Top Flight bird sell a variety of seeds designed to keep birds in optimum condition throughout the year. tel: 01772 456300
A private laboratory specialising in molecular or nucleic acid based testing. tel: 002731 267 7000
May 01, 2011
Published in Healthcare

Meriden Animal Health Ltd

Company specialising in the production and distribution of animal health products. tel: 01234 436130
May 01, 2011
Published in Birds

Markham Pet Centre

Markham Pet Centre has a wide range of birds - from canaries to budgies to finches to parrots, we have everything you need to start your aviary at home. tel: 01302 728530
May 01, 2011
Published in Flights/Aviaries

Lillico (bedding)

Clean high-quality bedding for cages, aviaries and nesting boxes. tel: 01293 827940
May 01, 2011
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Lafeber brings you a vast range of quality exotic bird food. tel: 001 800 842 6445
May 01, 2011
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Hepromij (Optibird)

A nutrtional and affordable alternative parrot food to make your parrot healthier and safer. tel: +31 013 4565574
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