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Parrots magazine, Issue 48

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Hand-rearing, Jealous behaviour in parrots, Effects of Calcium intake

Issue 48 - January 2002

The Complete Psittacine – My views on Pelleted Food Diets by EB Cravens. Rearing Chicks by Hand – Rene Standing has been breeding and hand-rearing chicks for many years. In this article she enlightens us with her experience and knowledge of this subject. Attack of the Green-Eyed Monster – When a parrot becomes part of a family it may express signs of jealousy that can be directed towards adults, children, other parrots or even other pets – Liz Wilson discusses this issue, and gives useful advice on how to deal with this behaviour. Calcium and Birds – Neil Forbes FRCVS and Petra Zsivanovits MRCVS describe the benefits and problems of calcium in psittacine birds. The Amboina Island King Parrot – Jim Hayward gives a detailed report of the Amboina King parrot, covering subjects of use for breeders and potential pet owners. Choosing a second bird – EB Cravens describes his favourite choices of parrot for introducing as a companion for an existing bird. Destination Venezuela – According to Forshaw’s Parrots of the World there are 48 species of parrot in Venezuela, including six macaws. Harold Armitage went to look for them on his journey to South America. Winter Warmers by Carole Stevens – This is the time of year our outside friends can sometimes get forgotten, but they will need you the most during freezing damp weather, so get prepared for winter! Unless you keep penguins your birds will not enjoy the winter months as most outside birds originated from warmer climates. Here are some tips that will keep your birds happy and warm during the winter months. Complimentary Medicine – Carole Stevens discusses the natural remedies for maintaining the health of your bird, and alternative healing options that can work for pets and owners. Escapes – precautions and preventions by Rosemary Low.

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