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Parrots magazine, Issue 110

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Living With The Parrots Of Leeds Castle, News Feature: EU Ban Becomes Permanent

Issue 110 - March 2007

Why imports must cease by Rosemary Low – For bird lovers everywhere, January 11 2007 will go down in history as the day the EU finally came to its senses. The vote was passed to permanently ban the importation of wild-caught birds into the EU. This move will prevent suffering and death to millions of birds annually. The Complete Psittacine. Birdie Yoga: Athletic Conditioning in Small Habitats – EB Cravens encourages us to help our birds keep in shape. Living with the parrots of Leeds Castle by Gilly Lloyd – Imagine being able to spend all day, every day, doing exactly what you enjoy most in life. James Ellis is one of those lucky people who’s able to do just that – and the parrots who inhabit the aviaries at Leeds Castle are the happy beneficiaries of his passion for his job. The Facts About Punishment – Dr Susan Friedman and Bobbi Brinker give us the benefit of their wisdom on a subject which frequently comes up for discussion. Lorikeets in the Wild – John Cooper treats us to a glorious blaze of colour as he trains his lens on the wild lorikeets of Australia. The Hispaniolan Amazon – in the second in a new series of articles, Rosemary Low describes another parrot species that is in danger of disappearing from aviculture. Parrots in Focus by Cyril Laubscher – The Sierra Parakeet…A playful and charming South American species. Safe flying for companion parrots – most people would prefer to keep their birds without wing-clipping, but are afraid they might lose ‘control’ of their bird. In this article Greg Glendell explains how to train your bird to accept some basic flight requests from you so there is no need for birds to be wing clipped. The Western Rosella – The Western Rosella (Platycercus icterotis) is the smallest and daintiest of Australia’s eight rosellas, says Bob Alison, and taxonomically one of the most intriguing. Bird Room Environmental Management by Neil Forbes FRCVS RCVS and ECAMS Recognised Specialist in Bird Medecine As a clinician, teacher and author, it is exciting and rewarding to stretch and encourage readers to think beyond their normal area of knowledge and consideration, hopefully to the benefit of the birds in their care. The Military Macaw – The Military Macaw (Ara militaris) is often overlooked by bird-keepers seeking a very special companion bird. In fact they are truly wonderful creatures, both visually and character-wise. Their distinctive colouring, set against the subtle hues in their plumage, is stunning. Their placid – but at the same time gregarious nature makes them exceptional indoor pets.

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