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Parrots magazine, Issue 95

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Living With A Jardine's, Winters With The Birds, Vini Lories In Art And Nature

Issue 95 - December 2005

The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens – To bluff or bite: Parrot chick defence posturing – A most fascinating part of summer baby time here in the aviaries is observing the personality development in each individual chick. Up until the time they are taken from parents and brought into the nursery for ‘humanising’, all the baby psittacines display quite natural behaviours according to their species. One of my favourite ongoing studies in this realm is the postures and vocalisations displayed by chicks when ‘defending’ their secure environment or dark nest space. Living wioth a Jardine’s Parrot – Jardines are smaller than African Greys, with a determined streak that means they are prone to mischief. Andrew Marven describes the unique personality that makes this Poicephalus a lot of parrot in a pint-sized container. Winters with the birds – Jim Hayward has been breeding parrots for 40 years in one of the coldest, wintry parts of England. He recounts his experiences and offers some valuable advice on precautions to take with aviary birds in winter. Vini Lories in art and nature – occurring only on small islands in the Pacific, the Vini species of lories are described by Rosemary Low as being among the most beautiful birds in the world. She details their presence in the wild, accompanied by Bernd Gerischer'€™s illustrations. The one-person bird.€“ It is fairly common for someone to buy a bird only to find that it prefers another person. But, advises Sonny Stollenmaier, this needn’t be the case. Greys Conure Macaws Amazon cockatoo and Rosella’s. Parrots in Focus by Cyril Laubscher – Little Corellas are plentiful in Australia. Avian Influenza – an update – As ‘bird flu’ becomes of increasing concern to aviculturists and pet parrot owners around the world, avian veterinarians Chris Hall and Retief Ehlers shed some light on the disease and the implications of a possible outbreak. Leslie Moran The Holistic Parrot. Having a stress-free holiday. The Parakeets of New Caledonia: Breakfast for furry aliens? - The inhabitants of the French overseas territory in the Pacific include a couple of parakeets – the endangered Horned and the threatened New Caledonian. David Waugh describes the conservation project currently underway to help them survive in their native habitat. Are you prepared for an emergency are your birds? In the light of natural disasters and catastrophes that have hit various parts of the world, EB Cravens offers some advice to parrot-keepers on how to prepare for the effects on your birds. Birdies in the background €“ Have you ever tried to have a serious telephone conversation only to have your parrot pipe up in the background? Melody Rhodes shares her experiences of her parrots, in a tale that will resonate with all pet parrot owners with her African grey Moluccan Cockatoo Miss Muggles.

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