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Dear Parrots magazine,

Should not criticise

I felt I had to write as the comments regarding ‘So Concerned’ (Letters Feb 2015 issue) were very negative.  I know Peter Hammond and have been to his premises, his birds were all immaculate which is rare in a large collection, they are kept in large aviaries as they are breeding birds inside a huge barn, they have UV lights and heating if needed.  This barn is a good distance from the houses and the birds cannot be seen so how the neighbours can say there are 500 birds not 200 I do not know and it is not the whole village just a few.  He is not on his own looking after the birds, he does have help.  The council has checked the noise factor and said it was okay.  I feel for Peter and hope he can fight it as he has kept birds all his life.

His property is a registered pig farm, would his neighbours prefer him to keep pigs?

Roz, by email




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