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Dear Parrots magazine,

Contaminated seed

I have had a 2kg bag of African Grey low sunflower seed contaminated with maggots.  I have contacted the manufacturer several times now, but they have not bothered to reply. I then bought a second bag of the same make from my local pet shop, and when I checked the unopened bag, I could see slightly sticky strands with seed attached dangling down inside the unopened bag.  I took it back to the pet shop and when the owner checked his other bag on the shop floor,  that was also infected.

The maggots are pantry moth maggots, so I now have a bird room with moths and am not happy with the brand I had bought. I know birds eat grubs in the wild, but my concern is that the seed might not have been stored or packed correctly at their warehouse.  Poor grade seed can be a disaster to birds and I just wanted to warn other bird owners to check their seed.


Debbie - by email



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