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Dear Parrots magazine,

Great Think Parrots Show!

Thank you for the Think Parrots Show on Sunday, 22 June, my husband and I enjoyed it very much!  We travelled down from Scotland on the Saturday night, stayed overnight in London and then caught the train direct to Kempton Park.

We loved all the masterclasses and it was great to meet and talk to Sally Blanchard who did a wonderful talk on parrot behaviour in the afternoon.  We have six parrots and Sally gave us some great advice on some of the negative behaviours we have been experiencing recently.

The atmosphere was very friendly and it was lovely to have a picnic of takeaway food outside in the sunshine.  It really was a lovely day out and we went home loaded with goodies we had bought for our birds!  Great show, we will come again next year!

Stephanie McDougall, email



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