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Dear Parrots magazine,

Kind words kept me going

I would like to thank those readers who have written in about by articles, especially Rosemary Low.  I felt so low after ABV rampaged through our flock that I came close to quitting writing altogether.  Rosemary's kind words and positive encouragement motivated me to keep going.  I write for the simple pleasure of it and am I happy to hear that readers enjoy my articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

Jane Clark from Nottingham was a particular source of delight for me, in the July 2014 issue (198).  The love and warmth that little Magic basks in emanates from every word.  What a lucky little conure to have found a dedicated, loving and creative “parront!”

One of the best things about Parrots magazine and the annual Think Parrots show is that it encourages like minded people to celebrate their birds and spread the love.

In those immortal words, may Parrots magazine "live long and prosper."

Karen Chudley, email



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