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Dear Parrots magazine,

Parrots, parrots and more parrots!

In the May 2013 issue you were kind enough to publish my letter expressing my appreciation of articles by David Woolcock and Michael Simmons - an appreciation that continues!

I also mentioned that my main hope for 2013 was to visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo at Colwyn Bay for its 50th anniversary and to marvel at the macaws swooping around the hillside in its flying displays.

As I reflect on 2013, I am pleased to report that the highlight of my year was indeed the four idyllic days I spent at the Welsh zoo, positively drooling over its parrot collection.

Unfortunately it was too windy on three of the days for the macaws to be flown, but the fourth day was warm, sunny and calm and I was able to thrill at the sight of the Military Macaws in the first display and the Blue & Gold Macaws in the second, making an already wonderful visit, perfect.  As I informed the display's presenter afterwards, I was ecstatic!

I am still rejoicing in my holiday six months later and wishing I could visit the zoo more often, although the 2,000 or so photographs I took are a good memento!

In 2013, I was also able to travel to the West Country and renew my acquaintance with Paignton Zoo, Paradise Park, Wingz, Tropiquaria and Axe Valley Wildlife Park.  At Paignton Zoo, Chucky, the Triton Cockatoo, in the Feathered Feats Bird Show took a great fancy to me and flew to me repeatedly during several shows.

With two parrot-filled holidays, the pleasure from my own birds, my Parrot Society UK membership and the internet Parrot Club Forum, plus of course my favourite magazine to look forward to every month, it has been a good year!  Looking ahead to 2014, I should really like to make it to Parrots magazine’s Think Parrots Show for the first time!

Andrew Stevens, email



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