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Dear Parrots magazine,

King of the moaners!

Having read recently about Stephen White from King’s Lynn, Norfolk being threatened with court action after neighbours complained that Buddy, his African Grey, was too noisy and kept whistling Old MacDonald’s Farm, over and over again, it reminded me of my own neighbours when I used to keep Australian Parakeets in aviaries in my back garden.

My neighbour was “king of the moaners” and for over two years he constantly complained about the noise from my cockatiel and rosella aviaries.

In the end we decided to move house and I sold all my birds with the intention of moving on to some of the bigger parrots.

Two days after I had sold the last of my birds the neighbour stuck his head over the fence as I was walking out into the garden and said, “Your birds were a bit lively again this morning.”

You can imagine the immense pleasure I gained by inviting him across into my garden to inspect my empty aviaries!

Terry Childs, Notts



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