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Dear Parrots magazine,

Meyer’s preferring smaller box

In reply to the letter in the Parrot Queries page, in the June 2013 issue (185) “Meyer’s harder to breed,” I purchased my pair of Meyer’s over a year ago. They came with a small nest-box measuring 32cm x 19cm sq (13in x 7.5in sq) and I was told they were a proven pair. On doing some research on these parrots, this box seemed too small, so I built one measuring 48cm x 30cm sq (19in x 12in sq) and hung it up. For a year and a half they took no notice of it at all.

Four weeks ago, I was in my parrot house and came across the original nest-box and thought I would just try hanging it in their flight. Within a day, they were in and out of the small box and last week I witnessed them mating, so I’m hoping eggs will follow soon. They obviously prefer the smaller box!

Terry Inns, email




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