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Dear Parrots magazine,

Time for thyme?

In response to your interesting article on the benefits of basil in the October 2012 issue of Parrots magazine, and more specifically on its ability to inhibit the growth of numerous bacterias, I suggest that an article on thyme would be good too!

I have recently seen the follow extract from the February 2004 issue of Food Microbiology, “Studies have shown that washing produce in a solution containing either basil or thyme essential oils at the very low concentration of just one per cent resulted in the number of Shigella - an infectious bacteria which triggers diarrhoea and may cause significant intestinal damage – dropping below the point at which it could be detected. While scientists use this research to try to develop natural food preservatives, it makes good sense to include basil and thyme in more of your recipes, particularly in foods that are not cooked.” So, as well as basil, offer parrots fresh thyme too!

Christine Goody, USA, via email




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