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Dear Parrots magazine,

Silencing my noisy Hahn’s

I used to have one very noisy Hahn’s macaw, but very recently I bought him a play perch with ropes and toys attached, that has a suction pad at one end, which attaches to a window pane.

His new play perch seems to have changed him forever! He absolutely loves to look out of our French windows and watch the wild birds eating from our wild bird table and when our dogs are outside he has his beak pressed against the glass watching them as they play outside.

Now, the only time he begins shouting is first thing in the morning when he wants to see us and come out of his cage, and when he sees my husband’s car turn into the driveway each evening. Then, he doesn’t stop until they have greeted each other and my husband has made a special fuss of him. I can put up with that!

I hope this will help other readers who perhaps are trying to cope with very noisy parrots. They just need to be entertained, have something to do or see, or have company, and as far as our parrot is concerned his ‘window pane’ perch works brilliantly.

Shelly Martin by email




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