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Dear Parrots magazine,

Love at first sight!

I adopted my special needs cockatiel, Mikey, in November 2009. One day I was surfing through Petfinder and I found his profile which mentioned, he was missing his toes on one foot. So my parents and I arranged to meet him. I took him food, treats and toys, and the minute I saw him I fell in love!

The staff noticed how smitten I was with him, and I filled out the paperwork. They wheeled him out to me in the front reception area where there must have been 20 or more cats in cages who all stared at my baby, and someone tried to be funny and yelled, “Cockatiel hell.” Yeah OK, I have a sense of humour as well!

I wasn’t able to find out much about Mikey’s history except that his previous owner had dementia and he lost his toes in a carpet accident. I wasn’t able to find out what type of food he was on previously or what treats he liked. We just kind of learned together. The minute I got him home and opened the cage, he flew out and landed on my shoulder. I just knew that he was going to be my little buddy forever.

He came home with me in his original cage and he was very attached to it but it was not disabled birdie friendly, and I worked to come up with something better for him. I joined a bird forum, researched online and learned all about flat or platform perches which has helped him a lot.

The joy he has brought to my life is priceless, and I spoil him rotten. He eats a varied diet of pellets, seeds, yummy veggies, brown rice, couscous and goes to a certified avian vet’s regularly. I really could not imagine my life without him. I love my Mikey.

Tiffany, New Jersey, USA by email




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