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Dear Parrots magazine,

Banish mice the natural way

If anyone is having a problem with mice in their aviaries, I would like to share a tip passed to me by a bird keeper friend of mine. When I told him I had a mouse problem, he explained to me that he always sprays peppermint oil around his aviaries, and underneath the nest-boxes, and this is very effective at keeping these unwanted rodents away.

Having tried humane traps with not much success I was ready to try anything! I sprayed all around the perimeter of my aviaries and underneath the nest-boxes as he suggested and last year my flights were rodent-free for the first time ever!

Peppermint oil has a high concentration of natural pesticides, mainly menthone, which has a strong menthol aroma that mice apparently don’t like!

J. Kramer, Manchester




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