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Dear Parrots magazine,

Is newspaper print toxic?

Re your issue 169, February 2012 “Parrot Queries”, page 34. I, too, began to worry about newspaper print being toxic. My 17-year-old Grey, Moshi, shreds all the paper on her cage floor (renewed twice daily) even though she flies freely around the flat and is out of her cage for most of the day.

Recently, I became worried, not only about the quality of the paper, but also the garish colours throughout the pages. A friend suggested using unprinted ‘fish and chip’ paper, and sure enough, there are companies that supply and deliver this kind of paper as ‘news offcuts’.

I lost no time in telephoning the following company: A C Packaging Co Ltd, Porrit Street, Freetown, Bury, Lancs, BL9 6HJ, Tel: 0161 761 2168.

Having placed my first order nearly three months ago, I’m only half way through it, and now have peace of mind.

Kristin Shay, London




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