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Dear Parrots magazine,

Another horror story

I read about the karabiner with horror in last month’s issue and have witnessed similar problems with other items. We need to be so careful as to what we put in our parrots’ cages and flights.

About two years ago, I received a birthday gift from a close friend that was beautifully wrapped. Once opened, I kept the ribbon that was used and thought this would be something my Senegal could play with and keep him occupied, so tied it in his cage.

It was only shortly afterwards, after doing some gardening, that I was horrified to find him totally entangles in this ribbon, and hanging from a perch. Getting this ribbon off was a nightmare as he was biting and kicking. But with the help of my daughter, we did manage to get him free, but what a traumatic time for all of us. This has taught me a valuable lesson and hope anyone reading my account, will take great care.

Maureen Tessler - by email




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