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Dear Parrots magazine,

Good diets

I refer to a letter in the September issue (152) from Sheila Goldsworthy. I had rescued a seven year old male Senegal and fed him on Tidymix and Nutriberries from Northern Parrots. The Nutriberries are full of vitamins, but are expensive. He gets a veggie one with his food in the morning and then a cranberry one in the evening. He just loves them. He also gets fruit and vegetables and his favourites are sugar snaps, carrot, peas and sweetcorn.

I mainly buy organic as they contain more nutrients. On the fruit front, he gets grapes, orange, apple and a small piece of dry fig, which he is crazy about. He also gets some walnuts and cashew nuts.

As to supplements, I put some liquid calcium in his water twice a week and during his moult, I put some ‘feather-up’ in his food. If they have a healthy diet, they do not need a lot of supplements. If you want to contact me, Parrots has my email address.

Unni Schau - by email





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