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Dear Parrots magazine,

Stop the criticisms

I have been reading with interest the various comments about National Parrot Sanctuary and Zoo and cannot understand why anyone would object to the findings of Greg Glendell? So what if he hasn’t got qualifications, as if experience and knowledge count for nothing! He knows what he is talking about.

People like Mr P Cooke should realise that putting their trust in DEFRA and such like is just naïve to say the least. Good God! DEFRA is not in the least interested in any animals’ welfare and I know this from my own experiences with them. If they were there for animal welfare, you would not need the RSPCA or Compassion In World Farming, PETA or ADI, and countless other organisations.

So please Mr Cooke you, and all the others who think that any one person with a few volunteers can properly look after thousands of these wonderful living beings, are just kidding yourselves.

I am sure that everyone at NPS does their best for their charges, but to give these animals and birds proper care and attention does not just require massive funds, but a lot of personal one to one care and attention. If you all have the parrots’ best interests at heart, then stop attacking Greg Glendell just because he has voiced his concerns!

NPS should be finding good homes for the parrots that can be re-homed. With prices spiralling out of control and so many people facing financial hardship, charities are already suffering. So how long before places like NPS start to feel the effects?

Do something for the birds instead of attacking anyone who dares to speak the truth. I’ve been worried sick to know how the birds got through this winter and how many survived?

Tammy Mohammed - Devon




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