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Dear Parrots magazine,

Dunking Goffin’s

I read the article entitled Goffin’s like to dunk their food, with great interest (Parrots, April 2024). Whilst I haven’t got a Goffin’s in my collection, I have an Umbrella, a Mollucan, a Red-tailed black, a Galah and a Major Mitchell’s, and without exception they all dunk their pellets. Indeed I think they all try to make the thickest ‘soup’ in their water bowls, more so than any of the rest.

It would be interesting to learn if my cockatoos are unique or is dunking food more of a common trait in Cockatoos than we think. I appreciate pellets and rusk may be different but both are a dried food and both would certainly seem more palatable dunked, than eating dry.

David Vickery, by email




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