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Dear Parrots magazine,

More breeding please?

I know Parrots magazine is focused on companion parrots and all that concerns them, but don’t forget the breeders, many of whom also have companion birds. I am not talking about commercial breeding for profit, but the genuine hobbyist who breeds some purely for the pleasure and in some cases, rare species to guarantee their existence.

I have a pair of cockatiels that have been producing offspring for some years now and I only sell to who I consider to be genuine and responsible owners. When selling my babies, I have been approached by some who are clearly in the commercial world and to that end I refuse to let them go. I am confident that I can pick out genuine owners when they first call me from the questions I ask them, and my gut instinct rarely lets me down.

While I am at the very amateur stage, I have gained quite a lot of knowledge by going to various events, and even the Think Parrots shows, where I have spoken to many experts from whom I have picked up a wealth of knowledge. I would now like to progress onto some other species and as such I’m always looking out for good articles from those who have years of experience, and who always seem to be keen to pass on their knowledge in order to keep the hobby alive.

It is a sad reflection on the times that few youngsters are now taking up this hobby and learning about our valuable wildlife, rather than having their smart phones stuck to their ears. I would love to read more about breeding for hobbyists and hope we see more such articles in this magazine.

Terry Goodsell, by email




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