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I read an interesting letter in the December issue by Elizabeth Matthewson regarding what happens to our birds when we pass on. This is a very important consideration for if we suddenly become incapacitated or even die, what will happen to our birds?

Although a morbid subject it is something we have to face as such situations can come out of the blue and take us by surprise, especially close family, relatives or simply friends who will have to pick up the pieces. I suppose I am fortunate to have a close family who will take care of my birds and even my two dogs, all of which I am concerned about, as I am in my late sixties, although I am in good health, but who knows what is around the corner? What is important is that we have a plan in place. Sadly, there are many owners who don’t seem to look very far ahead, and when the time comes, it can be a very traumatic when everyone is upset with no plan in place.

Rehoming a dog will be a lot easier that rehoming a parrot. It is the longevity of parrots and the fact that they’re not for everyone, which makes the situation that much more difficult for those who have to deal with what can be a difficult situation. No wonder there are so many rescue centres.

I hope Elizabeth Mathewson’s letter together with mine here will raise some interest as to what will happen to our birds when we may become incapacitated or even no longer around.

Ivan Roberts, by email




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