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Dear Parrots magazine,

Cold weather threats

I would like to remind owners to be ready for possible cold snaps as winter approaches. It is easy to be drawn into a sense on complacency with climate change and hot weather around us, but with the changing weather patterns that now face us, anything can happen without warning.

I have two aviaries that house mainly Australian parakeets and so far, have never experienced any major issues with cold weather, although know of others that have, It just takes a bit of common sense and awareness to make sure outside birds are well looked after, as we get into October. I clad two sides of my aviaries with plastic roofing sheets that can be easily attached with strews and penny washers. This leaves only the front open as I have wooden housing at the rear. If we really have ferocious changes, I can add another panel and close the front. It is not too expensive to do as the panels can be used year after year, but can save traumatic losses in the event of unexpected conditions. Don’t get caught out.

Joseph Rogers, by email




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